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Country Christmas Wedding – Redneck Style

The Boykin Santa Claus parade is a Christmas tradition not to be missed in South Carolina. Every year this two mile stretch of country road becomes miraculously transformed into the biggest party of the season with some 50,000 people coming out, tents, food and flasks in hand. This year the organizers wanted to include a red-neck shot gun wedding in the festivities,  and I had the good fortune to be able to tag along for this most special of  occasions. Even though this was not a true ‘shot-gun’ wedding, Jamie and Denise had less than a month to pull this together and the results were awesome! The historic Swift Creek Church was in full holiday regalia and the decor details for both dress and reception were attended to with a sense of humour and love. And yes….the bride wore camouflage! Thank you guys for letting me a part of what will go down as one of the most interesting and unique weddings I have been asked to be part of. Here is a quick sample of what went on – enjoy and congratulations!


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