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The Fabulous Sholtz Family

One of the risks of being a “natural light” photographer, is that sometimes the sun does not want to participate. Having booked 5 mini-Valentine family shoots for Saturday, I suppose it was inevitable that it would pour rain – which it rarely does here in South Carolina. Fortunately I have some FABULOUS friends! Friends that I can call on in a pinch – that are always happy to extend a hand, offer a cup of coffee, or put off their plans to sit through yet another photo shoot! So when the sun finally decided to come out and play on Sunday, they were there, ready and willing for some impromptu smiles. We had planned to head down to the heritage museum to add some texture with the old barns, but as the sun got higher and the light got brighter we decided to just hang in their backyard and let the kids do what they do. It was fabulous, and fun and as ever a pleasure to shoot. Thanks guys for being so willing and such great subjects to shoot!

And now we know where the phrase, “here’s mud in your eye” comes from…..


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