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February Sunshine

I have a bit of a confession to make – I’m a not so closeted lemonaholic. I love anything citrusy: be it edible, drinkable, or smellable. And I think it’s fabulous that the dead of winter is the wonderfully ironic season of the sunshine fruit. So as the days of rain and cold dragged on here in SC, I decided the only cure was to get baking and let a little lemon-y goodness in with what Georgia calls “sunshine cupcakes”. So that’s what we did! And in between the licking of spoons, filling of cups, squeezing of lemons, and refereeing the stirring, here are some of the snaps I managed along the way.  I wish I had taken more of the kids….but it would have been at the peril of my lens – there’s only so much sugar a camera can take after all!


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