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What love looks like….

This upcoming October will mark 6 years of very happy marriage for my husband, James, and me. So I guess that is why I was doubly pleased when my girlfriend Roshanda asked me to do a session for her and her husband Jacobee to mark their own 6th wedding anniversary. The day was perfect! One of those South Carolina Spring mornings when everything just seems to have popped into bloom overnight: the air is warm – but not too hot – and the smell….ah, if you could bottle the scent of the South in the Spring you would be very wealthy indeed. So we headed out to the lovely Swan Lake Gardens and then they very graciously indulged me by coming over to play at my favourite soda fountain where Ro tasted her very first Coke float (girl, how you get to be your age and still be a float virgin is a mystery to me!!). And in between the pretty poses, I got to REALLY photograph my friend, who is a ball of energy and beautiful inside and out, and her very handsome husband. So this is what 6 years of marriage looks like to me: it is funny, witty, sarcastic, comfortable, sexy, joyous, and above all, a union that can be sensed in every movement, every look and touch. Here’s to you, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt! To 6 wonderful years, 3 beautiful children, 2 incredible individuals and 1 very lucky photographer. Happy Anniversary.


3 thoughts on “What love looks like….

  1. Dani!!! You are a pro and have a great eye. Jacobee and I enjoyed our session with you. Wow, you can tell a story through pictures! Thank you so much for capturing the true joy of our relationship. I can’t wait until our 25 th anniversary. You can believe we will be calling on you again.

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