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A Secret Garden

I have a secret. There’s a place I know where the beauty of The Deep South is apparent at every turn. The trees there are older than the country that now claims them, and the voices of the past, as pat as this sounds, are all around you – quite literally at times if the ghost stories are to be believed. This is a place of history and strength; Sherman’s men marched through and it’s still standing. And right now the gardens are a riot of Southern spring time splendour! My family and I had the good fortune to be invited there again this past Sunday, and, as always, we jumped in the car and raced out as fast as we could. So amidst the laughter and the friendship that always surrounds us there, I took a moment or two to sneak out and smell the flowers. Indulge me; for these pictures are, if nothing else, indulgent. They are the very best of everything I love about living in the South: swinging from a centuries old Live Oak, sitting in the shade with friends on an afternoon that drags lazily, sipping sweet tea and listening to the buzz and hum of the life around me – not to mention parade of Confederate Violets, hardy Azaleas, regal Iris, and the gorgeous Dogwoods (I am, and always will be, a BC girl at heart after all). I can’t say anymore – but I hope you will enjoy a peek at a Sunday spent in the secret garden.


2 thoughts on “A Secret Garden

  1. Danielle! This picture of Georgia on the swing in your header and in your post – WOW! So lovely. I’m envious of your bare-feet weather! Looks like a beautiful place to have a home 🙂

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