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And the winner is………

The Charleston Photography Group has been holding some fabulous events as of late, and I finally made it down for their “I DO” Wedding Workshop at the incredible Middleton Place. I would love be able to say it was a beautiful Spring day in South Carolina, but the truth is the rain was falling so hard that I missed the exit off the highway due to non-existent visibility. By the time Marissa Martin and I got to the shoot we were ahead of the weather and so the fun began; but it didn’t take long for the clouds to catch up and the panic to set in. There were literally 10’s of thousands of dollars worth in couture gowns that needed to get out of the rain NOW!, and so we with the cameras hid beneath the magnolias and the live oaks to wait out the storm. Thirty minutes or so later we were off again and this time the weather cooperated right up until quitting time. I was lucky enough to get caught up in a small select group that had the opportunity to work with the fabulous Diana Deaver, one of Charleston’s top wedding and fashion photographers – what a great experience! her words of advice were so simple but have become my mantra for portrait work, “Frame the shot, then place the couple.”

I am extremely proud of these images, because somewhere in between the beautiful models, couture dresses, amazing flowers and the incredible scenery – I managed to catch some real ‘moments’ (I know….I hate that phrase, but here, in this case, it’s true). And I think I was the one that managed to fall in love on this ‘wedding’ filled day: in love with the low country colours; in love with my new 100mm 2.8 which turned all those colours into watercolour painting backdrops; and in love – even more than before – with the art of photography. And now that the editing is done and the images are ‘finished’ I need to pick “the best” for the CPG after-event contest. I would love some input! My two personal faves are the close up of the lovely Kari’s angel wing tatoo – mostly because I caught her in a moment of genuine laughter – and the last image here of the impossibly perfect Charity – she looked so lovely behind the vintage glass of the old chapel where she was waiting out a cloudburst….that’s one of those once in a lifetime shots that I will treasure for a long time to come! Which is your fave? I’d love to hear!


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