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Happy Birthday Aleena!

It’s April, and those of you who know me well know that means one thing in my world – BIRTHDAY!! Yes, I’m an Aries and a truer one was never met. I take birthdays seriously. Period. And I always love a good party, so this past weekend when I was invited to come and shoot at another birthday party I jumped at the chance. And what a party it was! My dear friend Jen has a beautiful little girl, and today Aleena is 4! Jen is an artist so I knew we were all in for something special, and I was right. The day was perfect, the garden was beautiful, and the Princesses and Superheroes were out in force. It was a classic birthday party – old school for a new generation: pin the tail on the donkey, pinatas, hula-hoops and badminton, swings and lawn darts. The plastic jewels were pink, the cake was pinker, and the laughter was constant and loud. I had a wonderful time and loved documenting every moment. So from one fellow Aries to another, Happy Birthday Princess Aleena! And thank you Jen and Nate, for letting me share in your fun.

the above is my personal fave – I love how in the midst of all the commotion she is absolutely still and the message on the crown that Jen made just shines out!

And thank you Jen and Nate, for letting me share in your fun. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary on 4 years of parenthood!


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