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Now we are 6.

It is not often that you will here me say this, but I am TRULY blessed. I may not ever feel like I can call South Carolina home, but I can definitely say that I have made friends here and love the people that surround me every day. Today I spent the afternoon with my friend Celeste and her incredibly beautiful, funny, smart, and just plain awesome daughter Ashley-Reid. Ashley-Reid has just turned 6, she has a new miniature dachshund puppy, and her very first wobbly tooth. She is clever as a whip, loves nature (she actually LIKES bugs!), and can climb on the monkey bars like nobody’s business. Thank you Celeste for letting me into your world for an afternoon, and thank you Ashley-Reid for introducing me to your hot-dog dog – he’s almost as cute as you are!

We found some very early blackberries which, with a little bit of convincing that they were not poisonous, Ashley-Reid firmly declared she LOVED!

Oh! Did I mention their 1 1/2 year old English Bulldog, Charlie? I wanted to smuggle him into the car and take him home with me….until he licked the lens of my camera! But he was great fun and kept finding awesome sun flares to smile at me from.


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