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Tale of a Dysfunctional Snuggler

What do you get when you take one wiggly giggly girl (nicknamed the dysfunctional snuggler because she can’t stay still….no, really!), a chillaxed pre-teen boy (nickname: potatobug), an uber-stylish mom and the definitive Super Dad? Answer: the Holmbergs. This morning I had the great honour of spending some time with them, watching them interact with each other, strolling leisurely and enjoying the easy conversation that comes with friendship. Steph had asked me if I would be willing to take some family portraits for them before they leave for their new post in Texas, so we chose the quintessential Sumter spot, Swan Lake. They wanted to remember this place – and I want to remember them. Until we meet again – good luck to you Holmbergs! May the road always rise to meet you, may the wind always be at your back and may good friends find you wherever you go.

And in the very last frame I finally saw these two for who they REALLY are. And I loved it!


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