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Beauty in Beaufort, SC

Yesterday may have been one of the most beautiful days of my life thus far. It started early with the whole family piling into the car for an adventure to The Charleston Children’s museum and ended with a spectacular lightning storm. In between we travelled to Beaufort, SC for a senior session – that’s where I met Anna Joy Hayashi, this year’s reigning Miss Beaufort High. I had the awesome pleasure of spending several hours being shown one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen as well as photographing a true beauty. We started in town and let the light get soft, then headed out to her boyfriend Lee’s family home for some amazing sunset shots down on the water.  I had such fun and loved getting to know both of them. A.J.’s spirit just radiates out from her, and she is as pretty on the inside as she is to look at. I had wondered what the A and J stood for, and now it makes sense – Joy could not have been a better name for this young lady! And Lee is a character, about as Old South as it gets in the new generation. Thank you guys for spending the time with me, showing me your town and being ridiculously easy to photograph. Until next time…AJ – you and I have a beach date coming soon!

and because I promised at least one on the beloved boat – here you go guys! It was so much fun – can’t wait until A.J. and I hit the beach in Beaufort on my next trip!


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