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best bridal session EVER!!

There are few things that can get me up happily for a 4:30am wake-up call: an overseas flight to a dream destination, the excitement of an Olympic event in a foreign time-zone, and the promise of the best bridal/engagement session EVER! The latter was scheduled for yesterday, and so, after a 2 hour drive listening to NPR and watching the sun rise over the Carolina coast, I met up with Joy and Kevin in beautiful Beaufort, SC. This couple is fun – no other way to describe them. Just plain fun. They laugh easily, are up for anything, and yesterday I think we got up to everything! The morning started with a beautiful bridal session out on the beach; the light was perfect and they both looked gorgeous. What came next was completely unexpected and AWESOME. Joy decided that an impromptu ‘trash the dress’ session was in order and promptly began to pirouette in her dress as the waves crashed around her. She is a former ballet dancer – lithe and graceful. I shot directly into the sun and I love the pictures – she looked like an otherworldly creature rising up out of the sea. That was, until the waves grabbed the dress and she fell face first in the surf – laughing all the while. No problem – quick change, some fun beach shots, and off to the showers before we hit the town. From there we lunched on a southern porch, walked through the old homes section of town, hit a hand made chocolate shop, ran into a random bubble machine and ended our day with another unplanned event – Carolina Lowcountry wine tasting anyone? ummm….yes please!! And all of that was before the clock struck 1:00 in the afternoon!

What else can I say about them….Kevin is a funny, smart, wisecracking guy, but most importantly, he adores Joy. It’s in every look, every touch, every smile they share. And I know why her momma called her Joy – it radiates from her in waves and Kevin brings that out 10 fold. Thank you guys for an incredible morning – one I’ll remember for a long time to come. I’m looking forward to the wedding and the honeymoon to follow – what else can we get up to? I can’t wait to find out!

The sea maiden rising from the depths….so lovely! I was SO happy she decided to get in.

And now for some civilised Southern livin’….

Another quick change and the diva in Joy came out – girls, notice the shoes – I wanted to steal them right off her feet and take them home!

You have to love a morning session that includes chocolate…

….AND wine!


One thought on “best bridal session EVER!!

  1. Danielle you are simply amazing! I absolutely love these photos and I can’t believe I’m actually in them. Thank you for spending the day with Joy and me, we are so very happy.

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