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A day of firsts….

I’m a mostly unscripted, non-prop kind of girl, but I’ve always wanted to do one of these shoots. And really….the interaction of toddler and cake is about as unpredictable as it gets. Sort of. You can pretty much guarantee they are going to be interested, but to what extent is anyone’s guess. That’s why I was so happy when my dear friend Roshanda from To Bead Continued agreed to let me cover her cutie in chocolate and buttercream. It was Jamin’s first birthday, his first taste of sweets, and my first exploration into make-shift studio cake-smashing. And I loved it! I’m pretty sure Jamin did too…what do you think?


2 thoughts on “A day of firsts….

  1. awww, my handsome boy!!! I love it and as usual Danielle you have captured the beauty of God’s creation. Thanks for making the first the BEST!!

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