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happy birthday dear Claudia…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

Most of the time I blog about other people’s lives: their parties, their weddings, the important moments. But this time it’s all about me. Well, more specifically, all about my dear, dear friend Claudia. I met Claudia over the internet even before I returned to Sumter – our paths were destined to cross and even though I’m leaving Sumter, I am sure our friendship will stay strong and that our futures hold much in the way of mutual fun! Yesterday Claudia turned 40, and to celebrate she had a close, intimate party at our favourite Thai restaurant…well, our favourite restaurant period really. This is about as authentic as it gets without the expensive plane ticket. I can’t even describe the place, but if you’re ever in this neck of SC, don’t even think abut it – go directly to Thai Garden and order anything – preferably ‘thai hot’…the way I like it! – and some of their legendary Thai Tea. You won’t be sorry! Claudia and I frequent the place as often as we can and ALWAYS order the same things; by now I swear they start cooking our food as soon as they hear our voices over the phone. But I digress…

It was an awesome night of good friends, good food, and many, many laughs. Claudia’s girls, Isabel and Emma, are two of my favourite people on the planet and two of the coolest kids I have ever met. Creative, funny, beautiful, Isabel has a passion for cupcakes from which I often benefit, and Emma is an inspiration – the best chef of her age I have ever met. Let me tell you about her pomegranate glazed lamb!! She also made the amazing chocolate cake below, complete with meringue mushrooms. Yummy!! So happy birthday DEAR Claudia. It has been a treat to know you and an honour to share in your celebrations. May there be many more to come, and many, many more shared together!


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