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Down Home Country Wedding

I’m going to miss South Carolina. I’m a city girl – there’s no denying that, but I do have a little bit of country in me, and being in The South has definitely done that part of me right. That’s why I was so excited to be asked to shoot Pam and Bill’s wedding. They promised country, and BOY! did they deliver. It was beautiful. It was thoughtful. It was something out of a Nashville chorus. Every detail was seen by Pam’s dear friends (they even brought in a horse as a prop!) so that when the time came along there was nothing but smiles and laughter, ease and grace. Oh, and a sexy cowboy hat or two! Bill was absolutely dashing in his gussied up cowboy attire, and Pam was beautiful – and you have GOT to love a bride that has not one, but two sets of shoes for her wedding day: sandals for elegance during the ceremony, and a gorgeous pair of white cowboy boots for kicking up her heals after the event. But the real highlight of the day, as ever, came from watching Pam and Bill together. He loves her like peanut butter loves jelly – it’s easy and you can see it in every look. Good luck to you both, although I know you won’t need it – some things are just simply meant to be.

I also want to send a HUGE thank you out to my second shooter, the lovely and extremely talented Marissa Martin  without whom I may not have survived the 100+ weather, the unprecedented number of gnats that swarmed us (no…really), or the rain bursts that threatened to flood us off the road. Your laughter and energy can keep me going through anything.

After the ceremony, guests headed under the fans on the porch to get out of the heat, watch the storms roll in and enjoy some southern refreshments.
We headed out for some family photos and fun portraits starring the other guest of the hour.
Just as the storm starting becoming really imminent, Pam and Bill pulled out the cart and we all snuck off to a secret spot
for some of what just may be my favourite portraits ever.
And that was where we left the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, rolling in from the fields and snuggling into a country porch surrounded by friends and family, watching the storms roll in. Just another beautiful country wedding.

3 thoughts on “Down Home Country Wedding

  1. Beautifully done! I especially love all the thoughtful touches that went into it. What I think I respect the most about this post is how much appreciation you gave your second shooter!! It feels good to be acknowledged when there isn’t a face to your work.

  2. WOW x 10!!! Danielle, again you have given us a glimpse of God’s beauty! You and your second shooter have done it! I wanna get married all over again!!! You are the bomb dot com. 🙂

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