A HAPPY 4th of July

This post isn’t really about the photographs, it’s about the family – my family to be exact. And the simple joys of blowing bubbles on a holiday Monday. I love these quiet moments – if one can ever use the word quiet as an adjective when describing our raucous clan. As we get ready to leave the USA permanently I am thoughtful on this of all days, for what it has meant for us to be here with Jas’ family and for what it means to be headed to Canada to be closer to mine. I have missed my sisters immensely, as well as my mom and dad – can’t wait to see you all! So for you Canadians far away, here is a peek into our last US holiday. Happy 4th of July to all on both sides of the border!

Our latest addition, Genny, tired from chasing bubbles in the hot, hot SC sun!

Charlie’s first bubble tries….

…that’s not it…

…got it!!

So proud!


One thought on “A HAPPY 4th of July

  1. They are adorable! What a move you’re in for. Exciting and a little scary all rolled into one, I bet. But it will be great to be close to your family, I’m sure!
    Happy 4th to you!

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