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There’s no place like home! | Vancouver Family Photographer

So this is it: our last day in SC. I’m not sad, not really. Just reflective. And anxious. And excited for what lies ahead. I will miss my friends though, you know who you are: Mackenzie, Claudia, Denise, Roshanda, Jennifer, Marissa…if I am forgetting names it is because I’ve been up since 4:00am in anticipation of all that needs to happen today. And to our family here, whom we take with us at least in our hearts. Tomorrow we start the drive westward to a new life, to a new start, to old friends, to home. It’s funny, it means something different to me now to be headed back to BC. I hadn’t really thought of it, but some consideration needs to be given to the question of where are your kids ‘from’. For us, they were born in Canada, have a US father and have spent half their lives (at least the two smaller ones) in the UK and the US. So…who are they. I think that we can safely call these kids West Coasters. If you’ve met them you know what I mean. Is that my influence? or nature vs. nurture? And what is home…? Where the heart is? Perhaps not, as my heart (James et al) have been with me in SC and I can say I have never thought of Sumter as home. We’ve moved a total of 17 times in the past 7 years (REALLY!), and have relocated towns/provinces/states/countries at least every year and a half. And I always feel a bit like Dorothy landing in OZ…just enough time to become accustomed to the newness and then it’s time to move on. So perhaps it’s your birthplace? Or somewhere that calls to the soul – which for me would be the Wye Valley between Hereford, England and the Black Hills of Wales. At this point I don’t have an answer, but it makes for some interesting ruminations. Enough to get me up very, very early.

So farewell to the Carolinas! Farewell to my own romanticised version of the Deep South. And to barbeque (the real stuff), bugs, blazing hot sunshine, more bugs and the bible belt. Onwards we go to the West. I’m not sure what is to come, but I’m looking forward to finding out. To finding ‘home’. For wherever that is, I’m sure there is no place like it.


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