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Places, Faces + Names | Vancouver Photographer

I don’t think I ever really realised how much the West Coast of Canada was ‘a part of me’ – not until I returned after 3 years away. It’s funny really, the places are the same although certain views have changed; the faces are familiar and grown even dearer in my absence; but the names…corny as it may be, they sounds like poetry to me now. Coho, Lasqueti, San Juan, all the bays from Qualicum to Comox: Deep, Bowser, Fanny, Buckley, etc. I was a girl here – and return a wife and mother of 3. With a newfound love for the land, old friendships renewed and even older ones reborn, and a camera now constantly to my eye, I am stoked to rediscover all these places, faces and names again – starting with this one: Granville Island, my favourite place in Vancouver. Next – on to the wineries of the Cowichan Valley and the sheep farms of Salt Spring Island! Welcome Home to me!!



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