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St. Augustine Market – Florida: it was a very good day!

Farmer’s markets, friends, time by the seashore, party hats and popsicles….life doesn’t get much better to me! I am sorely overdue on this post – I admit it. I had all but forgotten about these shots until I noted that it was our friend Jay’s birthday today. Jay is an old friend of James’ from Jacksonville and this past May he hosted a very small reunion for their tight group of high school mates. I’d never been to Florida and was thrilled to get the chance to go. The icing on my own personal holiday cake? Jay’s amazing wife Nancy is a fellow photographer, cook, un-schooling mom, and shopping aficionado!  One morning we decided to ditch the kids with the boys and head out on a photo tour of the amazing St. Augustine area – which luckily enough for us happened to be just the day for one of the coolest market’s I’ve ever been to. Nancy and Jay, we miss you guys! And thank you again and again for arranging the reunion, hosting GG’s birthday morning, for putting up with the chaos following the ‘Disney World reveal’, and being such wonderful weekend hosts. We need to get together again – East coast, West coast…doesn’t matter. Just sooner rather than later! (and Nancy, I never thanked you enough for talking me into that gorgeous sunhat…still wearing it everyday and thinking of you when I do!)

Our wee Charlie running into one of the locals.

I think my kids grew gills while we were there….they NEVER left the pool.

The lovely Erin partaking in GG’s birthday breakfast celebrations right before our trip to Disney World!


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