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Happy Birthday to my B.F.F. | Victoria Lifestyle Photographer

What does the word friend mean to you? Is it the ones you’ve had since you were a kid who’ve seen you through the good, the bad, and let’s admit it, the ugly? Or the bunch you lived, learned, drank and danced with in University? Or in today’s techno-saturated world, does a ‘friend’ mean something different to you all together? Of course, there’s also the other kind: the one who knows you better than you know yourself, who can say the right thing, order the right drink, be the other you when needed. The one who is always there no matter how much time or distance is between you. She pushes you to be more, encourages you to dream, and is always up for ANYTHING. The kind of friend that will literally push you into starting a business, drag you out of your pj’s for a night on the town, and travel across an ocean for four short days to play Easter bunny to your three small kids. That’s my BFF – Nicole. And today is her birthday. And I’m the West Coast and she’s on the East. And I miss her terribly…  So here’s to you Nic – the most savvy, smart and sexy woman I know. We raised a glass of our favourite brew and bid you a Happy Birthday friend! Come visit me soon – or I’ll come to you – and we can raise a couple together!


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