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Grade 1 NOT-school photograph | Victoria Family Photographer

It’s official. As of tomorrow we become a homeschool family. And I am SO happy! We did try conventional school…well, sort of. I had William enrolled in a family school which has alternative philosophies and an open door policy for all family members – I could have gone with him all day everyday if I wanted to. But they could only get him a spot in kindergarten, and he’s 6, and we did kindergarten at home last year, and he was so ahead of the class…and…and… So there it is: William is now enrolled in the super-fantastic Self-Design home-learners program. I am so thankful that we now live in a thriving homeschool community; there will be more opportunities for education than we can even fit in. But mostly I am thankful to have all of these extra hours with my most special boy – my incredible 6 year old – my grade 1 kid. Here is his “un-school” photo for the year – the one that will mark this point in his life, the one we’ll send to all the relatives in place of those regular stock school shots. This is William in his new classroom, attending grade 1 in the school of life.


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