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Homeschool Recess | Victoria Family Photographer

I had a friend tell me once that whenever she asked her kids what the best part of their day at school was, they always said, “Recess!” After this morning I am inclined to agree with them. At 10:30am, right about the time that recess bells were ringing across the province, my little home schooled family got a chance to meet another and have some fun outdoors at one of the prettiest locations I’ve shot at yet in Victoria: Albert Head Lagoon Regional Park. What follows are some of my favourite images caught in between the log-jumping, seaweed squelching, rock throwing and general giggly merriment. It’s just a peek into my continuing essay on “un-school” portraits, and I can’t wait to see what else we get up to, who else we meet, and where else our recess times take us!


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Recess | Victoria Family Photographer

  1. Iove this idea- to photograph other homeschoolers in your area, and what a beautiful location! can’t wait to see more beauty through your lens!

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