A Classic Kid | Victoria Family Photographer

What a treat I had this morning! After scraping the frost from the car windows at an impossibly early hour and trundling over to Oak Bay, I got to head out to the Victorian coast for another awesome homeschool session. What can I say about this kid? In a word he is timeless. Super smart, easy to talk with and adored by his dog Rufus, he is also totally into all things old. He even started his own home-school club for kids that like the classics (how cool is that?). So in between some bush-whacking, dog spotting and some rather unsuccessful yet funny tree-climbing attempts we managed to get some amazing shots AND converse on everything from Adam West’s portrayal of Batman, to classic Dr. Who, Charlie Chaplin, King Kong, Old Man Weather and 1950’s Godzilla movies. Thanks for the morning A. – I really hope we get to hang out again soon!


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