For the love of chocolate | Victoria Family Photographer

Yesterday afternoon, just as the light was getting soft and low, I had the great pleasure to go out and shoot the next instalment in my on-going home-learning families photo essay. Mom, Dad, Miss E. and her most cherished horsey, along with the four legged member of their family, braved the chilly weather and took me out to a lovely spot on the rocks off of Cadboro Bay. I love how close this family is: I also love their dog! Purdy, their adorable chocolate lab (got it…good!), is a BC Guide Dog in training who will soon be leaving them to go and live in his forever home. So while this was a family holiday portrait shoot, it was also an opportunity for them to capture some memories of Purdy as a part of their family.

After we left the rocks I asked the family if we could go back to a beautiful field across the street from their home. The light was perfect, the fall leaves like watercolours in their gaussian haze, Miss E. GORGEOUS, and Purdy in full on posing mode: a photographer’s dream! Thank you guys for indulging me and for being such good sports through it all – even braving the rutting deer some 150 feet away… Hope you enjoy the memories and may I be the first to wish you a very early Happy Holiday Season!


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