Morning at Neck Point Park | Nanaimo Family Photographer

Last Sunday morning I traveled up to Neck Point Park in Nanaimo to meet up with Scarlet and her family. It was a perfect Autumn morning and the whole experience confirmed two things for me: 1. I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and 2. I have the BEST clients ever! I love shooting a family that is so at ease and so obviously in love with each other; it makes me feel incredibly privileged to view them through my camera and share in their lives for a little while. We only shot for a short time as it was quite chilly out, but I ended up with so many great images it was super hard to edit it down to a few of my favourites. Thank you guys for spending the morning with me and for being so ridiculously beautiful to shoot – hope you enjoy this sneak peek of some of the giggles and kisses I caught. There are many, MANY more images coming your way!


2 thoughts on “Morning at Neck Point Park | Nanaimo Family Photographer

  1. these are brilliant – am sure Scarlet and her family will love these.
    thanks for sharing.
    and just in case i haven’t mentioned it yet – thank you also for following my blog – i am stoked!

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