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Studio lighting and the rediscovery of beauty.

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend a day in the Vancouver Photography Workshops studio photographing the amazingly beautiful Shazmin Hussein. What an awesome experience – and a huge thank you shout out to the awesome Kaj R. Svensson who made my return to studio after 15 years extremely easy! I pride myself on being a natural light photographer – and there’s some merit to that as I still think natural light is stunning. But the control in the studio…Oh, the control! Light meters, grey scales, hair lights, octal-boxes….the shopping list goes on and on. The good news is, I’m hooked (again); the bad news is, this isn’t going to be a cheap obsession. I think I’m leaning towards a set of Alien Bees, Pocket Wizards, White Lighting stands, and umbrella, along with an Expo-Disc for nailing the shot straight off. This world of digital photography has been a rather steep learning curve, and at heart I’m still a film girl: but it’s been an adventure too, one I am enjoying and exploring every single day. Histograms and colour noise aren’t something I had to deal with back in the rock and roll days, and watching for digital highlight spikes is a far cry from my last in studio session shooting B&W film with the incomparable Hasselblad. But I love the learning. Crave it even. So goodnight for now, I’m off to do a little on-line gear retail therapy!


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