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A return to sunshine – lighting and the world of natural light photography

This isn’t a new picture, just a favourite from last Spring that I am reposting as inspiration for the renewed light of the season. After spending last weekend in the studio and spending the next few days building my shopping list, I decided to remind myself that studio makes up only half of the world of photographic light…or maybe even a third. There’s on-camera flash, which can be dramatic or understated depending on a million variables, and then there’s the good old sun and it’s amazing natural light. I still love it – especially in it’s indirect form. And of all my indirect light shots, this one of the gorgeous Jess is my fave! Her eyes still sparkle from the glow of that bright South Carolina light on the ancient white plaster, and every freckle on her pretty face is warmed, not blown out. Stay tuned tomorrow for my favourite direct light image. For now – let’s celebrate the return of Spring and sunshine!


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