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Pretty in Pink | Victoria Family Photographer

Yeah! It’s Spring! Finally a chance to get out, smell the flowers, and grab some gorgeous light for this super cute family session. I first met Melissa years ago when she was university roommates with my younger sister, so I was really excited to get a chance to photograph her now with her husband, their new little girl and their awesome chocolate lab, Hayley. And how photogenic are these guys?? Seriously! The little princess definitely has her daddy’s gorgeous eyes and mom’s pretty smile – she was all giggles and smiles, especially when Hayley was bouncing around. Mom and dad have great style too – their home is gorgeous! My favourite thing though, was that they managed to actually colour coordinate their two girls without even knowing it – check out how Hayley’s collar is a perfect fit with the little one’s sweater! Awesome!

Thanks so much guys for allowing me to come into your world and spend some time with you all. I hope we get to do it again soon!


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