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Ellice & Patrick – Engaged | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I’m one of those people that always has a plan. James believes that the adventures begin when all the plans go wrong, and after our recent engagement session I think I’m finally starting to see his point. In February when Ellice, Patrick and I first sat down to talk about their vision of the images they wanted, we imagined Spring flowers, farmer’s markets, football in the park and a romantic summertime sunset. But of course, the best laid plans have a way of turning upside down – and in doing so create something even more magical than first envisioned. We settled on Granville Island (one of my favourite spots in the city), we prayed for sun, we crossed our fingers, and we woke up to grey skies and torrential rain. Oh well! They were still game and so we braved the weather and in the end, as my husband knew I would be, I was much happier with the end results than I would have been with a perfect sunny day. Vancouver is GORGEOUS in the rain – the blues and greys in every shade give the city personality – enough to match even these two!

When you’re around Ellice and Patrick there is this…feeling that comes over you. You just know that you’re seeing something special. It’s in every look, touch, laugh. He teases her mercilessly, and she just shines in his presence. He loves her. And they fit, like PBnJ or beer and sunshine. Completely. Ellice says that, “Patrick lives in his own universe and we’re all just renting space.” That may, in fact, be true! He is larger than life and exudes happy. Full-stop. And Ellice is poised and elegant and classic. Together they are a dynamo of a team and I truly count myself as blessed to be sharing in this leg of their journey together. We had so much fun dodging cloud bursts as well as playing in them, seeking out places to snuggle under, and wandering the market on a perfect albeit wet afternoon.

All that dodging raindrops and ducking under eaves had us hungry so Patrick lead us to The Sandbar for lunch. And amidst the Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc, the amazing seafood chowder and the dreamy chocolate torte, I learned a lot about these two: the whens, wheres, and whys of how they love.

Ellice and I share a love of Halifax, the city where James and I were married and where Ellice did her Masters degree. So I couldn’t help myself…I dragged them to The Lobster Man, handed them a crustacean and sat back to watch the fun!

We all got a great surprise when a street performer in the middle of his act caught site of this not-so-stolen kiss (prime photo op!) and called them out on it. A wave of giggles and hilarity followed – I dream of these moments!

Thank you, Ellice and Patrick for braving the (literally) pouring rain, for sharing a little more of your love story with me, and for all the laughs. James and I can’t wait until September when the big day comes!


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