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Blue Donkeys and Deep Fried Squids | Vancouver. Toronto. Commercial Photography.

I miss Toronto. Dinner reservations at 9:30PM every night, dragging in the door at 4:30AM. City sounds and scapes. Martinis at the Ritz. But mostly I miss my BFF – the incomparably talented Miss Nicole Kruzick of Belly Catering. Nic is a fantastic (and soon to be world renowned) food stylist. She is funny and smart and did I mention talented?! Her only fault is that she lives WAY too far away! But every once in a while we get to hang – she’s played Easter Bunny to my kids in Wales and come down to Edisto to savour low-country fare with me – and recently I got the chance to go out and her visit her. A working holiday of a sorts. We lined up a ton of photo ops and spent all our days styling and shooting and our nights taking in all that TO has to offer.

One of my contracts was with the Blue Donkey Streatery food truck – the best darn Greek food I’ve had in a long time, and possibly the best calamari EVER! With Nicole’s awesome eye for line and style, and me with camera in hand, we managed to create some really fun and delish looking images for the boys – they make me hungry again just looking at them! Here’s a few of my favourites for which I need to throw a massive THANK YOU out to Nic – I couldn’t have done it without you! Now hurry up and come visit us up in Victoria so we can do it all over again.


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