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Jade & Dustin – Engaged! | Nanaimo Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I got to go and play with Jade and Dustin out in the Nanaimo sunshine. I woke in Vancouver to clouds and threatening rain, but by the time I got off the ferry, summertime had decided to arrive. Bright, bright sun shone down lighting everything up – Jade most of all! (Or maybe that’s just the effect Dustin has on her when he’s around).

Jade is the niece of one of my BFFs and in my memory she is still eight years old with hauntingly big blue eyes and flaxen hair so light it was almost ethereal. Now she’s all grown-up, gorgeous, funny, smart and newly engaged to Dustin. After five years together Dustin surprised Jade with an AMAZING ring while on their holiday in Mexico…can you say romantic? Jade and Dustin decided they wanted to shoot in Nanaimo, the place they had their first home together, so off we tripped to some of their fave hang-outs to play, to chat, to eat ice-cream, and for me, to have the fantastic opportunity to view these two in their element, in love, and revelling in this next stage of their very happy life together.

Did I mention it is a GORGEOUS ring?!

What to do when the sun is at it’s highest, most bright point in the middle of summer? Climb to the top of Sugarbush Mountain and play with it of course!

My favourite shot of Jade – looking completely angelic in the sun flare. I remember taking it and thinking, “this one’s for you Dustin!”

…and my favourite of the two together.

I think Dustin’s ‘other girlfriend’ is his truck, so when he asked to take one with it, I jumped at the chance to play with mirrors.

Jade decided we should head to the Nanaimo marina boardwalk for some ice-cream and entertainment.

How cute is this ice-cream shop?? Complete with chandeliers and gourmet candy counter.

ummm…Hello Dress! Jade – you looked AMAZING in this! How lucky am I to have brides with such great style!

I can not wait until the big day arrives and the wedding at Tigh-Na-Mara takes place!

Jade and Dustin, THANK YOU for spending the afternoon with me. I had so much fun! It was awesome to reconnect with you Jade, and to hear about your life now in Comox with Dustin. You have grown into an incredible woman and I feel truly blessed to be included in this special time. I can’t wait until next summer – so we’ll have to hangout again before too long. Maybe in December…in the snow….with snowflakes and hot chocolate and a LOT more laughs!


3 thoughts on “Jade & Dustin – Engaged! | Nanaimo Wedding Photographer

  1. This is amazing Danielle! I love all of the pictures and the blog ! And most of all the unforgettable afternoon with you! Thanks again!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!! Both of You! Jade for being stunning and Danielle for capturing it so naturally. I am so happy to have introduced you – you both make the other look fabulous – although not that you need help with that. 🙂 I LOVE you both – just sorry to have missed the day.

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