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Lisa | Victoria Maternity Photographer

Every once in a while a shoot comes along that stands out from the rest. I am always humbled and honoured by the time that my clients let me into their lives to document occasions, love, families: it always moves me and proves again and again that I have the best job EVER! But Sunday was different…  I’m not sure I can explain it, but there was a power in the air and in my beautiful model Lisa that was outside of anything I’ve experienced through my lens. The wind was wild, the sun was shining, the ocean was alive and Lisa…well, she was, quite literally, a force of nature. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful mama-to-be I have ever seen: strong, glorious, happy; at 38+ weeks pregnant (with baby number 4!) her body was something more, something primal and beautiful and alive and it took all my focus to try and convey some small part of that FORCE into these images.

I was so excited about seeing the results that I scrambled late into the night to see what we had created together – Lisa is a fellow creative, she is a dancer and the gorgeous fabrics were her idea. As soon as I was done (about noon Monday) I sent Lisa a preview – holding my breath, anxious that she would be as thrilled as I was. I heard nothing back. And now I know why! (picture me here with the BIGGEST most ridiculous grin anyone ever had on their face and not a small amount of tears) At 1:20pm on Monday, baby Ezra was born. While I was working on the pictures of the beautiful mama, Lisa and Ezra were hard at work themselves.

Lisa, I can not convey my gratitude for allowing me to spend the time with you and your babe a mere 24 hours before his birth. I am so grateful that we got these images for you and your family to keep as a momentum of the power, strength and beauty you possessed while you held him inside. And far beyond the pictures, I will remember that…something other that surrounded you that day. Blessings to you and your family and congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous baby boy!


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