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Bubbles, Babies, and Bounces | Vancouver Family Photographer

I love Sunday mornings. I love them even more when I get the chance to catch up with an old friend and meet her beautiful family. Nicole and I have know each other for more years than either if us probably wants to admit – she’s the sister of my former neighbour after which she became my sister’s roommate and one of her closest friends. But, as tends to happen at this age, boyfriends, jobs, weddings, husbands and babies all take up our time and life finds you having let years pass without seeing one another. This is one of the reasons I actually like FaceBoook! It’s great to be able to keep up with all that’s happening to the people we wish we were closer to. So I’ve known over the year’s that Nicole met Steven, fell in love, got married, had the gorgeous Adelyn, and just 6 weeks ago joyfully added Brielle to her family, but it was such a treat to actually get to meet them all face to face (or at least faces to lens) and spend a lazy Sunday morning capturing this special time for them. Adelyn is bouncy and precocious and sharp as a whip, and Brielle is a tiny package of perfection. Well, don’t listen to me…see for yourself.

You won’t believe how much these sisters are alike! I have an entire series I’m saving for Nicole and Steven’s eyes, but I swear

in each picture, even at 2 1/2 and 6 weeks, they have identical expressions in each shot!

Nicole, you look FABULOUS! and your family is gorgeous. Thank you for having me ’round and sharing an hour or so. I hope we get to do it again soon, maybe with both families in tow.


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