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Wendy & Noel – Engaged! | Vancouver Wedding photographer

The first thing I noticed about Noel and Wendy is that these two are seriously in love. Sounds funny, right? Being wedding photographers means that we spend a LOT of time around happy couples (which pretty much rocks!). But these two live it out loud. Wendy is vivacious and holds nothing back in her affection for Noel, and he just simply adores her. It’s in every look, move, touch, and word. When we were debating on where to do their engagement session – vineyard? parks? etc. – I just had the feeling that we needed to chill in their hood. I just wanted to see these two in their everyday lives because I knew it would be romantic no matter what. So that’s what we did: we hit up the coffee shop where they had their first date; we played bocce (appropriately Italian for ‘little kiss’…of which there were a lot!) in their neighbourhood park; we listened to Noel read a short and hilarious excerpt from 50 Shades while sipping a delicious Rose on their amazing patio – warning guys…I may be back often…I like it there! – and then we went for a spin in Noel’s awesome blue truck. Just a typical afternoon for these two, but filled with more love than many destination shoots I’ve done.

James and I are lucky, we tend to attract couples that we really like to hang with. And I like these two. Noel is, just like James, a walking encyclopaedia of interesting and intelligent information, and Wendy is funny and smart and is going to be one of the most drop dead gorgeous brides I think I’ll ever see. Check out those eyes people! She took off her glasses so I could have “full access” to them – the second we stepped outside they lit up – just like the rest of her. Wendy and Noel, next year is way too long to wait to hang out again – let’s be sure to get together soon! Vineyard anyone?


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