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Flip Flops & Paddle Boards | Victoria Family Photography

Well, autumn has officially arrived – not that you’d know it from the weather here in Victoria. It’s been warm and sunny and the light has been FANTASTIC. So saturday morning I got an unexpected and unseasonal treat: while I am not a sun person by any means, I always enjoy a clear crisp morning and above all I like hanging out with friends. Ryan and Rhonda live an aquatic life. Having just relocated from full-time residence on a boat to a house by the sea, this family still spends more time with their feet in the water than not. So when it came to shooting a portrait session, there was only one place we could go. We grabbed the paddle board, skirted down the steep incline from their porch to the beach, and set about having some fun.

Ryan and Rhonda, thank you so much for the beautiful morning and for letting me catch the beauty of your family with my camera. I hope we get to do it again and again and again. Now if you can tell me where I can grab one of those paddle boards…I seem to have acquired a new obsession!


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