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Ellice & Patrick – Married! | Vancouver Wedding Photography

Last weekend we shot a wedding like no other we have done before. I’m not sure that I can point to what made this day so different – I only know what I felt. There was love and laughter and joy that was tangible. I first met Ellice and Patrick when we did their engagement session back in the Spring, and I knew then that there was something surrounding these two that I had to try and capture. Something not visible to the eye but so very present that it overwhelmed me. There was love. Big, BIG love.

This marriage has been, as I understand it, a while in the making. In her wedding vows Ellice explained that the first time they were a couple she simply wasn’t ready for what Patrick was offering. To understand this, you would have to meet Patrick and see for yourself that he, by his own admission, lives in a universe of his own making and the rest of us are willing participants in a world that he creates. I believe this implicitly. His world is larger than life and filled with more mirth and merriment, love and laughter than most of us are ever lucky enough to experience. So on this day, we had the honour of once again photographing Ellice and Patrick as we revelled in the joy of capturing the love of family and friends that surrounded them. That something was there too, radiating out from the core that was the new Mr. & Mrs. Pemberton, engulfing all of us who were lucky enough to participate as these two worlds became one. And there was love. Big, BIG love

Time to get girly!

Ellice’s group of girls are SO much fun! The laughter and love was everywhere this morning.

umm…yes. SHOES! So very, very pretty!

Ellice and Patrick chose to do their ‘First Look’ in the beautiful seaside town of Steveston. I think we all fell in love with it’s old canneries, quaint alley ways and colourful fishing fleet. Of course, the day we went to do a walk through was hot and sunny – when we go there on the wedding day, Autumn had definitely come to the West Coast. The girls were troopers and dealt with the shivers and the wind whipping around them. I’m not sure Ellice or Patrick even noticed the weather whipping in…they only saw each other.

The ceremony was beautiful, and, like the rest of the day, full of joy and mirth.

Ellice cruised – yes…cruised – down the aisle on her father’s arm singing to Patrick the whole way there.

And then the party started!!We left the new Mr. & Mrs. Pemberton dancing the night away surrounded by friends and family. Patrick and Ellice, thank you so much for allowing us to share this day with you. From the bottom of our heart we wish you a lifetime surrounded by all the joy and love and laughter that was with you at your wedding. I have no doubt that the rest of your love story is as rich and full of life as the two of you. Your marriage, like Patrick says, will now have it’s own universe that the rest of us will always be lucky to share.


9 thoughts on “Ellice & Patrick – Married! | Vancouver Wedding Photography

  1. Congrats, you guys…what a happy day…beautiful bride …. ur lucky Patrick…The pictures speak to the moment….the snippets are so lovely. All the best and I am so happy for you both!

  2. You guys are so beautiful and the photos captured that! Congratulations, and what a wonderful job your photographers did 🙂

  3. Congragulations!!! You both are made for each other..the very best in your future endeavours as husband and wife..You both look so stunning and glamourous!!! WOW!!! a match made in heaven..God Bless you both and keep you safe in each other’s arms forever.

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