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Photo Camp – Charleston SC

Last week was life changing. Literally. I was given the amazing opportunity to attend a fantastic photography workshop in Charleston, SC — ‘Photo Camp’ as one of my roommates dubbed it — a four day event filled with food, photos and more fun than should be allowed.

The course was taught by four amazing instructors — a talented and diverse crew that included the incomparable food photog Helene Dujardin of Tartelette fame, documentary food photography goddess Clare Barboza, wicked cool and ridiculously talented food-stylist Tami Hardeman, and on-site chef extraordinaire Laura Vein of Small Batch Bakery (seriously…her Cherry Almond Jam in itself will alter your reality). These four women completely changed the way I view food. From origin to preparation to styling to light — food now has a life of its own and as much personality as any of my favourite human subjects. This blogpost marks a shift: a huge leap in my own life story. And for that I owe a debt of gratitude to the talented women that have set me on this new path. I know what I want — I will follow this dream. This insert is a tribute and a thanks to them, and to my roommates who reminded me that camaraderie in passion is a powerful fuel.


5 thoughts on “Photo Camp – Charleston SC

  1. You have captured our Photo Camp experience so well with both your words and amazing pictures, Danielle. It was wonderful to share this life changing experience with you. I LOVE your work and will look forward to following your adventures here. 🙂

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