About Us

They say that choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make concerning your big day. After all, this is an event that will mark the beginning of a lifetime full of happy memories. As your photographers, our job begins at the beginning – the details of preparation through to the final farewell of the day – and doesn’t end until your wedding images have been delivered. That’s our commitment to you, and this is, after all, ALL about you!

As you can see from our work, we use a mostly photojournalistic style and natural light settings: that means that your photos will be a true organic depiction of your day.  We’re also happy to assemble some well-placed poses of the wedding party and families if you like. These are your memories, the way you want them.

We’d love to meet for coffee or have a chat over SKYPE. FaceTime anyone? A non-commital pre-wedding consult will give us an idea of your story, and allow us to incorporate your own vision into our approach. From engagement session, to rehearsal dinner, to ceremony and reception, we want to be sure that what matters to you is what is reflected in the images that will take you back again and again to this special time in your life.

You should also know that we’re risk takers; we never back down on a dare or a promise, and always push for the extreme…in everything. We adore the unique – it’s the quirks that make people real. Whatever makes you different is what interests us. Oh, and We’re detail fanatics! That’s important as it filters down through every aspect of our personalities and artistic style: we love the way hair curls, the curve of eyelashes, the soles of shoes, the crookedness in a perfect smile. We also edit all of our own proofs which means James and I are involved in every step of the creative process that goes into making your wedding photos. We capture what matters and yield approximately between 300 – 500 finished proofs depending on how much of your day you want documented.


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