Your Session

Each session will last between an hour to an hour and a half and will be in the location of your choice or one we come up with together. We love natural light and a natural setting without too many props, but feel free to bring along any items that are particularly special or that define you or the moment we’re catching. Clothing for multiple people should be coordinated instead of matched – a mixed palette that compliments is always better than a mass of the same design or colour.

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to catch the day, the people, the love. James and I begin most wedding day shoots at the beginning – the moments of preparation through to the final farewell; we’re also happy to shoot a smaller portion of the day if you wish, however we really feel the story of your wedding is incomplete then. But it’s up to you. As you can see, we incorporate a  combination of photojournalistic style with some well placed poses of the wedding party and families. Be sure to assign someone to point out the important bits and James and I will take care of the rest!

Once we’re done, you’ll have a sneak peek on the blog site within 48 hours and the full set of images delivered within 2 days for portraits and 1 week for weddings. For more information, please get in touch! Danielle & James 250-818-0172


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